What Is the Best Bathing Suit for Plus-Size Breasts?

What Is the Best Bathing Suit for Plus-Size Breasts?

Finding the right plus-size swimwear for women is essential for everyone, but it becomes even more crucial for plus-size breasts. Plus-size individuals often face unique challenges in finding swimwear that provides adequate support and flatters their curves.

Plus-size breasts require specialized support and coverage to ensure a flattering and secure fit. Whether you lounge by the pool or swim in the ocean, having the right bathing suit can make all the difference in comfort and body positivity.

Having the right bathing suit can boost confidence, ensure comfort, and allow individuals to enjoy their time at the beach or pool fully. Nibs Swimwear understands the unique requirements of different body shapes and sizes, and its collection reflects this understanding.

Nibs Swimwear: Supporting Plus Size Breasts with Style and Comfort

Regarding plus-size swimwear, Nibs Swimwear stands out as a brand that prioritizes inclusivity and caters to the needs of plus-size women in swimwear. Nibs Swimwear understands that everybody is unique, and they have made it their mission to create swimsuits that provide optimal support, comfort, and style for plus-size individuals.

With a wide range of sizes, cup options, and styles, Nibs Swimwear offers a diverse selection of bathing suits designed to flatter and enhance plus-size breasts. Their swimwear features elements such as underwire, boning, adjustable straps, and back closures, all of which contribute to a customized and supportive fit.

Whether you're looking for a one-piece, tankini, or bikini, Nibs Swimwear has options to suit different preferences and styles. With Nibs Swimwear, plus-size women in swimwear can confidently embrace their bodies and enjoy the beach or poolside experience in swimwear that both looks and feels great.

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bathing Suit for Plus-Size Breasts

1. Cup size and coverage:

When selecting a bathing suit, it's essential to consider the cup size and coverage options. Look for swimsuits that offer full coverage or options for larger cup sizes to ensure proper support and containment for plus-size women in swimwear.

2. Underwire and Boning:

Plus-size swimwear for women with underwire and boning provide extra structure and support for plus-size breasts. These features help lift and shape the bust, providing a flattering silhouette and reducing potential discomfort.

3. Adjustable Straps and Back Closures:

Adjustable straps and back closures are essential for achieving a customized fit. They allow you to adjust the level of support and ensure the bathing suit stays in place, providing comfort and confidence throughout various water activities.

4. Material and construction

Look for plus-size swimwear for women made from high-quality materials with good stretch and durability. Look for fabrics with good elasticity and support to ensure the suit maintains its shape and supports your bust.

Additionally, pay attention to the construction details, such as reinforced seams and double-layered cups, as these contribute to better support and longevity of the swimwear.

5. Necklines and styles

Choosing the right neckline and style can significantly enhance the appearance and support of plus-size breasts. V-necklines, halter necks, and sweetheart necklines are flattering, creating a balanced, lifted look.

Also, empire waistlines or ruched detailing can help accentuate the bust while slimming the overall silhouette. It's essential to try on different styles to find the ones that flatter your specific body shape and breast size.

6. Reviews and customer feedback

Reading reviews and customer feedback can provide valuable insights into the support and fit of a bathing suit for plus-size breasts.

Look for reviews from plus-size women in swimwear with similar body types and breast sizes to understand better how the swimsuit performs regarding support, comfort, and overall satisfaction.

Why Should You Choose Nibs Swimwear for Plus-size Breasts?

Nibs Swimwear has emerged as a trusted brand that prioritizes plus-size inclusivity and specializes in plus-size swimwear for women.

With a deep understanding of plus-size individuals' unique needs and preferences, Nibs Swimwear is dedicated to creating bathing suits that provide style and optimal support.

A. Cup Size Range and Coverage Options:

Nibs Swimwear offers various cup sizes to accommodate different bust sizes, ensuring a comfortable and supportive fit. They also provide various coverage options, allowing individuals to choose based on comfort and stylistic choices.

B. Supportive Underwire and Boning Options:

Nibs Swimwear incorporates underwire and boning into their designs to enhance support and shape for plus-size breasts. These features offer additional structure and help lift and define the bust, creating a flattering silhouette.

C. Adjustable Straps and Back Closures:

Nibs Swimwear understands the importance of a customized fit. Their swimsuits feature adjustable straps and back closures, enabling individuals to personalize the level of support and ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

D. Specialized Designs:

Nibs Swimwear offers specialized designs that cater to different preferences, whether one desires to minimize or enhance the bust. With thoughtful details such as ruching, patterns, or strategic placements of accents, their swimwear provides options for individuals to embrace their unique body shape confidently.

4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Bathing Suit for Plus Size Breasts

1. Get Appropriately Measured

Getting properly measured is crucial when finding the perfect bathing suit for plus-size breasts. Many lingerie or swimwear stores offer professional measuring services to help determine your accurate size.

It ensures you choose a bathing suit that fits your body and supports your breasts.

2. Experiment with Different Styles

Feel free to experiment with different styles and designs to find the best. Try on various necklines, cuts, and patterns to see which ones flatter your body shape and enhance your bust.

It's essential to feel confident and comfortable in the swimwear you choose, so don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and explore different options.

3. Read Customer Reviews

Before purchasing, take the time to read customer reviews and recommendations. Hearing about other individuals' experiences with specific bathing suits can provide valuable insights into their support for plus-size breasts.

Look for reviews from people with similar body types and breast sizes to help guide your decision-making process. 

4. Consult with a Swimwear Specialist

If you're unsure what bathing suit styles or features work best for your plus-size breasts, consider consulting a swimwear specialist. They can provide expert advice, suggest suitable options, and help you find a bathing suit that meets your needs.

Swimwear specialists have in-depth knowledge of different brands and styles, and their expertise can be invaluable in finding the perfect fit.


Finding the right bathing suit for plus-size women in swimwear is essential for comfort and confidence. Plus-size individuals deserve swimwear that provides proper support, flatters their curves, and allows them to enjoy their time at the beach or pool fully.

With the right fit and features, a bathing suit can enhance body positivity and empower individuals to embrace their unique beauty.

Nibs Swimwear is a reputable option for plus-size swimwear for women with plus-size breasts. With its commitment to plus size inclusivity and a wide range of sizes, cup options, and styles, Nibs Swimwear prioritizes the needs of plus size individuals. It offers a solution that combines style, comfort, and optimal support for plus-size breasts.

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